Located next to the downtown area,
along a serene street facing the tree-lined Takase-river,

RESERVATION; 0752413777

Enjoy our refined taste
through the elegance of KYOTO

Since 1987, We have been a cultural bridge between
Kyoto and India.

In these places far apart, we could find the same roots
by studying from each tradition.

It is... "harmonious mind of lotus flower".

Based on the spirit,
we have been serving our original taste of
"tender yet powerful".
Through the joy of eating, we would like to assist
you are in good health & harmony.

And above all, we sincerely hope you enjoy dining here at MUGHAL.

”SHANTI HOURS” is the concert event produced by Yukihide Hirata(the owner chef of Indian Restaurant Mughal) as celebrating 30 years anniversary on 24.September.2017. Including Yoga, Indian classical music, electronic, ambient, dance, visual effects…it was amazing ”shanti" experience.

World Famous Bansuri Player: Rakesh Chaurasia at Mughal Restaurant

After concert at Sokujyoin temple, Mr.Rakesh came to our restaurant
and had dinning with staffs. We were so happy to meet him and serve our indian dishes. 2019.06.09

Rakesh Chaurasia(wikipedia)


The spices, are not only for taste & flavour, but also have many natural efficacy.

Louis Vuitton City Guides introduce attractions of exciting cities
in the world through Louis Vuitton-esque view.
Finally the long-awaited city guide "Kyoto & Nara" Japanese, English and French
versions have been released since November, 2010.
It introduces carefully selected 600 sites which are full of refined old and new
cultures of Kyoto and Nara. Our Indian Restaurant Mughal is
one and only Indian restaurant featured in the guide.

Our restaurant was featured in Japanese TV show.
2017.06.20 on air

Our Restaurant is picked up in these magazines & guidebooks.